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Create YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards



The YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin allows you to sell gift cards in your shop. Each gift card has a unique code that the recipient of the gift card can enter on the Cart page to use that credit to pay for his purchase.


How To Create a Gift Card Product

The gift card is a type of WooCommerce product. To sell a gift card in your shop, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Products, and then click Add new to create a new product.
  2. From the Product data drop-down list, select Gift card.

  3. Now, click the Virtual checkbox if you want to sell a virtual gift card that will be sent by email to the recipient.


    NOTE: If you do not click the Virtual checkbox, the customer can still purchase the gift card. But they cannot enter the recipient’s email address or select the delivery date. In this case, the shop owner will have to print a physical gift card (with the same code generated with the purchase of the gift card) and send it to the customer who placed the order.

  4. In the Gift Card Options section, set the applicable gift card amount.

    The customer will be able to select one of the amounts you set.

  5. In the Override global expiration settings toggle button, select YES, and then set an optional expiration date for the gift card in the Expiration date section.

    For this specific gift card, this option overrides the global rule related to all the gift cards’ default expiration you can find in the General tab of the plugin options panel.

  6. Now, add a description, upload a nice product image to represent your gift card, and then publish the product.

Your customers can now start buying gift cards from your store. When a customer buys a gift card, a code generates automatically. In the Dashboard tab, you can check all the codes, their balances, and other helpful information.


How To Create Image Galleries for Your Gift Cards

This plugin allows you to create various gift cards to sell in your store. For example, you can create a Christmas gift card, a Birthday gift card, and more. You can create a specific gallery of images for each gift card so users can customize the gift cards they want to send to their families or friends.

If you want to create a specific gallery of images and show this type of images on your gift card product page, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Image categories tab, add the specific category that you want to create an image gallery with for your gift card.

  2. In Media, click Add new to upload the images you want to assign to the specific category.
  3. Now, click Edit Image on every image you uploaded, and then select a category in the Gift card categories section.

  4. Open the gift card product and assign the same category.

  5. In the General tab, click the Enable the image gallery toggle button, and then enter the number of images you want to show on the gift card page.


How To Create a Gift Card Code Manually

If you want to share a gift card code without asking the user to purchase the gift card in your store, you can create a code manually in the Dashboard tab. To create a gift card code manually, follow these steps:

  1. In the All Gift Cards section, click the CREATE CODE button.

  2. In the Create Gift Card Code section, enter a custom code or generate one when you click the Generate code button.

    This code is the one the user must enter in the Cart field to use the gift card credit on his purchase.

  3. Now, enter the remaining necessary information.


If you cannot insert your store logo in the images the users can use to customize their gift cards, enable the option to put the logo above them automatically. To add your store logo, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Email options section of the General tab, click the Add your shop logo on gift cards toggle button to enable the option.
  2. In the Upload your shop logo section, click the Upload button to upload your logo image.
    The image will be automatically added to the gift card images.


Delivery Options for a Virtual Gift Card

In the Recipient & Delivery section of the General tab, you will find the options below related to virtual gift card delivery:

  • Make recipient's info mandatory — Select Yes or No if you want to make the recipient's name and email address mandatory, forcing users to fill in that information.
  • Allow the user to choose the delivery date — Select Yes or No if you want to allow users to select the delivery date. If the option is enabled, users will see a calendar where they can pick a date to deliver the gift card. If disabled, it will be automatically sent right after the purchase.
  • Choose an interval to send the scheduled gift cards — If you decide users can select a delivery date, you can then decide if you want to schedule the gift card's delivery at an hourly or daily time interval.
  • Choose a default delivery time for gift cards — If you send the gift cards only once a day, you can decide when to send them (for example, every day at 4 PM).


Gift Card Redemption

In the Cart & Checkout section of the General tab, do any of the following:

  • Apply gift card position on Cart page — Select the position where to display the gift card field on the Cart page.
  • Apply gift card position on Checkout page — Select the position where to display the gift card field on the Checkout page.


Premium Features

This version of our plugin works like a charm, but the premium one is an even more powerful tool to increase sales and conversions. By upgrading to the premium version, you can do any of the following:

  • Manage the stock of each gift card product.
  • Enable an optional QR code in gift cards.
  • Import and export gift cards into a CSV file.
  • Allow users to enter a custom amount and set a minimum or maximum amount.
  • Allow users to upload a custom image or photo to customize the gift card.
  • Attach a PDF version of the gift card to the related email.
  • Notify the sender via email when the gift card is delivered to the recipient.
  • Allow users to enter the gift card code into the standard coupon code field instead of showing two different fields in the cart and checkout.
  • Create a custom page where users can check their gift cards’ balance.
  • Enable the Gift this product option to sell gift cards linked to specific products on product pages.

These Premium Features are Coming Soon on Crazy Domains. To know more about this or if you want to purchase the premium version of this plugin, kindly visit the YITH website.


For further assistance, you may contact the Crazy Domains Support.


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