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How To Create a Shared Mailbox With Exchange

A Shared Mailbox is useful for allowing multiple users to access and manage emails for a team or a specific department within the network. This is ideal for business owners who want to organise and monitor emails under one centralised Mailbox, e.g. [email protected].

Learn more about Shared Mailboxes, Permissions, and how to access it in this linked guide.

NOTE: A Shared Mailbox needs to be created by your Organisation’s Exchange Administrator. If you simply want to learn how to share your Mailbox folders, calendars, and contacts on Outlook with other users, please visit the guides below:


If you’re the Admin or you have access to your Organisation’s Exchange Manager, you will be able to create a Shared Mailbox using the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Exchange Manager.
  2. Under Hosted Organisation - Exchange, click Mailboxes.
  3. Click on the New Mailbox button at the top-right section of the page.
  4. Complete the form for creating a New Mailbox. You may refer to the field description below:
    Name Your complete name.
    You will have sole, direct access to the Shared Mailbox, i.e. access using a username and password.
    Display Name The display name for your Shared Mailbox, e.g. Accounting Department.
    Email Address The address to use for your Shared Mailbox, e.g. [email protected]
    Password Enter a secure password for your Shared Mailbox.
    If the Generate Password button is clicked, don’t forget to click on the Password field to view and copy the auto-generated password.
    Confirm Password Re-type your password.
    Choose mailbox type Set this to User Mailbox.
    Read about the other mailbox types in this linked guide.
    Mailboxplan Name Set the preferred storage limit for your Shared Mailbox.
    Send Setup Instructions Tick this box to receive an email with mail server setup instructions.

  5. Click on the Create Mailbox button at the bottom-right section of the page.
  6. Once routed to the Edit Mailbox page, click on the Permissions tab.
  7. Click the Add button under the corresponding permission type that you wish to grant each member, then search for and select the email account/s and click Add Accounts. For a description of these Mailbox Permissions, visit this linked guide.
  8. Once done managing your Shared Mailbox Permissions, click on the Save Changes button at the bottom-right section of the page.
    Or click on the Save Changes and Exit button to return to the Mailboxes page.

Please let us know if you need further assistance or if you have any questions. We’d love to help!

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