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How Can I Change the Monthly Budget that I Subscribe to

We offer a variety of SEO services to choose from – self-managed and managed.

Self-managed SEO, or Simple SEO plans are very affordable in comparison to managed SEO plans. Although both help your website SEO; it is important to note that Simple SEO will require you to make the fixes and optimisation yourself. While Managed SEO offers a dedicated specialist that will do the work for you.

Additionally, Managed SEO features faster website updates or fixes done by your dedicated specialist. The monthly budget will still have the same number of implementation hours allocated for a plan that you choose. If you wish to upgrade to a higher plan, you can consult your SEO Specialist. Remember that if you have a campaign that has started, the request for an upgrade or downgrade will only be possible once the plan expires or up for renewal.

Here are the number hours of implementations you can have for each plan for our Managed SEO:

For upgrades and any changes to your current plan with our Simple SEO or Managed SEO, please contact us to further assist you.

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