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How Do I Access My Windows Server

Access to your Windows Server will vary depending on the OS and software used. Please use the guides below.

Server Access

For Windows Servers, you can access the server via the IP Address or Hostname by following the instructions on the link below:

Web Console Access

You may use a Self-Service portal to access your Windows VPS by following these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Microsoft Service Management Portal using the username and password which were sent to your email address.
  If you have recently changed your password but forgotten it, you can click the Forgot Password option. Enter your registered email address and click on Get new password.
Step 2. The Service Management Portal page will open. Select Virtual Machines from the left-side menu.
Step 3. Click on the virtual machine you want to connect to then click the CONNECT tab found at the bottom of the page.
Step 4. Select Console or Desktop and a download prompt will appear.

Note: If Console is selected, proceed to Step 5 only. If Desktop is selected, follow Steps 5-8.

Step 5. On the download prompt, click Open.
Step 6. Click on the check mark to proceed.
Step 7. Click on Connect.
Step 8. Enter your Windows Server credentials, then click OK.

Note: The screenshots above are for Windows 10. A slight difference in the appearance of dialogue boxes may appear for other Windows versions.

Power Management Console Access

Follow the steps in the guide below to access the Power Management Console for your Windows VPS server:


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