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How To Add a User for Google Workspace

Before you can use Google Workspace, you need to have an account first — referred to as a user. You will start with an admin user, then if you have more licenses, you can add more users afterward.

NOTE: See how you can add more Google Workspace user license here.


To add a new user for Google Workspace, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Access the Google Workspace product that you want to manage.

    WARNING: If you encounter this error: "Google reported an issue with request. Domain is blocked." while creating the user, click the link to know more.

  3. In the upper section of the applicable Google Workspace account, click the Users tab.
  4. Click the CREATE USER button.
  5. When the Create User window opens, enter the applicable details for the new user, and then click CREATE USER.

    NOTE: The first user you create will automatically be assigned as your Google Admin User. Your Google Workspace admin user is needed to verify your domain with Google.

    Screenshot of CD Email Hosting Create User Page in Google Workspace
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