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How To Find a Domain Name Owner

You can find out who owns a particular Domain Name using any global WhoIs Search Tool — it’s easy to use!

Simply enter the Domain Name in the Search field and the tool will display that specific Domain’s Registration Info — which includes the following:

  • Registrant’s Name (Domain Name Owner),
  • Registrar (where the Domain was registered),
  • Registrant’s Address and Phone Number,
  • Domain Status,
  • Domain Creation and Renewal (Update) Date,
  • Domain Expiry,
  • Domain Age and Total Views,
  • and Domain Name Servers — among others.

What Is WhoIs

The WhoIs Domain search database is an online directory that holds every single registered Domain Name in the world.

You can do more than find a Domain Name Owner using the WhoIs Search Tool. You can also use it to find the Registration Info of a particular Domain Name that you own.

Why Are My Details Displayed Publicly

The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires all accredited Registrars to publish all registration details in the WhoIs listing once a Domain Name is registered.

I Want to Hide My Registration Info

To keep your personal data private, Crazy Domains offers Domain Privacy Protection through our official partner, Private Registry Authority.

By activating your Domain Privacy feature, you can hide all your Registration Info from the public. This means that your details will not be displayed when your Domain Name is searched on WhoIs.

Learn how to add Domain Privacy to your Domain by clicking here.

Note: For some Domain Names, like .AU domains, Domain Privacy is not available. Instead, a Private Tech feature can be used to hide only your Technical Contact Information from public view.

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