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How To Get Started With Website Builder

You can create your website with the drag-and-drop feature of Crazy Domains Website Builder. Read through our guides below to get started with your website creation.

Access the Website Builder

The website builder is where you create the contents of your website including the buttons, pages, images, and products. Learn to access the website builder on this link.

Get To Know the Website Builder Interface

To familiarise the website builder, learn about the features and options within the platform. This helps you build your website faster and more efficiently. Learn more about the website builder interface here.

Learn To Manage Pages, Blocks, and Features in Website Builder

You don’t have to start from scratch. We have prebuilt pages, blocks, and other features that you can use to get started. Click the respective guides below to learn more.

Connect a Domain to Your Website

Link your domain to your website in Website Builder to designate it as the main web address. Click here and learn more on how to connect your domain to your website in Website Builder.

Publish Your Website

After creating and customizing your site, publish the website once you're ready.

Manage Your Email Account

Discover the quick and simple way to create your email account. Log in to your cPanel now and start creating your email using your own domain.

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