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How To Manage Files in Website Builder

When we're creating a website, especially with a website builder like Website Builder that's easy to play around with, we can go back and forth in choosing which images to feature. We can upload an image to see how it looks and easily remove it to see how uploading another one looks.

As a result, our website space can be filled with clutter that's causing unnecessary weight for your website.

Learn how to view and manage your website files to free up and maximise your website space using the steps below:

  1. Log In to Website Builder.
  2. Click on the Files tab from your Website Builder Dashboard's top menu.
  3. Your files are grouped according to the website projects you uploaded them to.
    A status bar is also found at the top-right section of the page giving you a summary of the website space used.
  4. Hover your mouse pointer over a file folder and click View.
  5. Proceed with the following actions to manage files:
    • Enlarge Image — Click on an image file to view an enlarged version of it and click the Arrow Icons to navigate between images.
    • Download File — Hover pointer over a file and click the Download Icon to save a copy of the file.
    • Delete File — Hover pointer over a file and click the [x] Delete Icon to free up website space.

Congratulations! You just learned how to manage files in Website Builder.

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