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How To Setup Your Email as an Alias in Gmail

Gmail is a web-based email service that is free, providing users with a gigabyte worth of storage for messages. This tutorial will show you how to configure Gmail to retrieve mail from your email account.

Make sure you have created your email address in the Hosting Manager or Plesk for Windows Hosting, before setting it up in Gmail.

If you have, then continue below.


Setting Up Gmail

These are the steps you need to follow to set up Gmail to check your email:

  1. Open a browser of your choice and Sign in to Gmail.
  2. Click on the gear icon, then go to Settings.
  3. Click the Accounts and Import tab.
  4. In the Send mail as section, click Add another email address.
  5. On the popup window, enter your Name and full Email address, then leave Treat as an alias ticked and click Next Step.
  6. Complete the following fields as described below, then click Add Account:
    SMTP Server mail.domainname (e.g. mail.sampledomain.com)
    Port 587
    Username Enter your full email address, such as [email protected]
    Password Enter the password you use for this email address.

    Ensure that Secured connection using TLS (recommended) is enabled.
  7. A verification email will then be sent to the email address being set up. Do one of the following to begin using Gmail in checking your mail:
    • Click on the link in the confirmation email.
    • Enter the confirmation code sent to your email, then click Verify.

Congratulations! You have just set up Gmail to check your email.

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