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How To Transfer a Domain Name

Domain transfer is the process of changing the Registrar - the company who you paid to register your domain name. Once a domain is transferred, the new Registrar will be responsible for keeping and managing your Domain Name System (DNS) records.

Choose what you want to do with your domain name:  

  • Transfer a Domain Name Away From Crazy Domains  

How to Transfer a Domain Name Away From Crazy Domains 

  1. Prepare your domain for transfer.  

  2. Obtain the Registry Key of the domain from your Account Manager. The Registry Key can also be called the following: 

  3. Initiate the domain transfer with the new Registrar by providing them with the Registry Key obtained from Step 2.  
  4. Confirm the domain transfer on the email sent to your Registrant email address.  

  5. Wait for the transfer process to complete. 

    TLD Transfer Process Time
    gTLD 5-7 days
    .AU 24-49 hours
    .NZ  immediate
    .IN 5-7 days
    .ZA 24 hours
    .DE 5-7 days
    .EU 5-7 days
    .SG 5-7 days
    .PH 5-7 days
    .HK 5-7 days
    .CO.ZA 5-14 days
    .ID maximum of 2 weeks
    .IO maximum of 2 weeks
    .MY maximum of 2 weeks
  6. Confirm the status of the domain transfer by checking the Registrar on a WHOIS lookup. The Registrar information is indicated as follows:  

A confirmation email is also sent to the registrant email address once the transfer is complete.  

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