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What To Do When the Domain Name I Want Is Not Available

Your Domain Name is a vital part of any SEO campaigns you run for your brand or business, which will generally affect your online presence. One of the challenges, however, is competing with other customers in getting the Domain Name that is perfect for your brand.

If you’re searching for a Domain Name and the Domain Name you want is listed as Not Available, it most likely means that someone already owns it. Situations like this make you rethink your entire brand. But, don’t fret — there are plenty of ways to get creative so you can still get a Domain Name that is ideal for your business.

Register an alternative Domain Name Extension. Most Domain Extensions have no restrictions nor trademark rules, and are open for anyone to register. With this, you can still register the same Domain Name with just a different Domain Extension. You can try using .co, .net, or .biz instead of the usual .com. There are also hundreds of other extensions that are perfectly suited to certain markets, industries, and products. For example, .plumbing for a plumber, and .cafe for a coffee shop.

Incorporate the locale of your business. Including cities or countries in your Domain Name can be helpful in narrowing down your Domain options. For example, you have a Perth-based local brand named Backpackers Club but backpackersclub.com is taken. So instead, perthbackpackersclub.com could work.

Be creative. You can add a keyword, abbreviate, or add hyphens. If your target Domain Name is not available as it is, you can add a keyword that explains what your business does. Let’s say your company name is Snap Photography but snapphotography.com is not available. You can play around with ideas like snappics.com, memoriesbysnap.com, or shorten it into snapphotog.com. You can also opt to add hyphens in-between words.

Place a Backorder. We recommend placing a Backorder for a Domain Name. This acts as a reservation of an already registered Domain. When it becomes available in the future, our system will automatically register it for you.

If you still cannot decide and need further assistance, please contact our 24/7 Domain Specialists who can advise and help you find the right Domain.

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