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What Is Reputation Monitoring

Your online reputation is vital to your business’ success. There are three key components of SiteLock's reputation monitoring scans:

  1. Monitor malware blacklists: SiteLock carefully monitors proprietary lists of sites reported as having malware to ensure your site does not appear on them, and that when visitors do arrive on your site, they are not presented with a malware warning screen.
  2. Monitor email spam blacklists: In much the same way, SiteLock keeps a watch on lists of email addresses and domain names reported as spam. This keeps the emails you send out of spam folders.
  3. Scan SSL: Be sure your SSL certificate (if you have one) is up to date. This ensures your customers do not encounter warnings when they try to buy from you.

SiteLock’s Deep 360-Degree Site Scan will keep an eye on all of these items for you, ensuring smooth and consistent communication with all your website visitors and customers.

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