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What Name Server Should I Use

If you simply need to access and look for the General Settings for Name Servers, you can refer directly to our simplified guide. Otherwise, you can learn all that you need to know about Name Servers (e.g. what they are, how they work, which records to use, and where to add them) in this article.

What Is a Name Server & How Does It Work

A Name Server translates your Domain Name into a computer-readable format — an IP Address. The diagram below illustrates how this works in the most basic form:


The diagram shows that when a user enters mydomain.com in a browser, the Name Server translates this into an IP address, which is a string of numbers that points the system to where its corresponding data is stored. This data is retrieved and delivered to the user. In this process, the user only experiences two things: entering a Domain name in the browser, and seeing the website appear. A similar process happens when trying to access an email account.

There is, of course, a more intricate process happening in the background - that is through the Domain Name System (DNS). However, without the correct Name Server records, all other records will not be retrieved by the system, making them nonfunctional. This is why it is crucial for the Name Servers to be set to the correct records.

What Name Server Should I Use

Your Name Servers will depend on the Crazy Domains product that you have connected to your Domain. Keep in mind that where you make your future DNS updates will also depend on the Name Servers you have set. Refer to the table below for the correct records to use:

Name Server Records Crazy Domains Product/s Where to Update DNS
(Contact us to know your default records) Domain Registration only

Note: These Name Servers are also used by default for Domains registered with free Sitebeat Mini Site, allowing you to manage free Standard DNS only.

Account Manager
Premium DNS Account Manager
Email Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Web Hosting (Linux)
Sitebeat (Website/eShop Builder)
Hosting Manager - cPanel
  Web Hosting (Windows) Hosting Manager - Plesk panel
Email Exchange 2016 Exchange Manager

Note: The records provided above work only for their corresponding Crazy Domains products.

Where Do I Update My Name Servers

Now that you have the correct records, the next logical question would be where to add them. The definite answer to that is to add them where your Domain Name is registered. You can also refer to the table below for specific cases and instructions on what you need to do:

Domain Name Provider Hosting Provider Where to Update NS
Crazy Domains Crazy Domains Update your Name Server records through the Crazy Domains Account Manager.
Crazy Domains Other Provider Update your Name Server records through the Crazy Domains Account Manager.
Other Provider Crazy Domains Copy the correct Name Servers from the first table above and give them to your Hosting provider.
Other Provider Other Provider Contact your domain and hosting provider for your Name Server records and where to add them.

Note: Name Servers are applied immediately but may take up to (2) two hours to propagate across the internet. If you have created your Name Servers through the Crazy Domains Account Manager and have seen no changes, please wait for this propagation to complete. Otherwise, it is advised that you contact our 24/7 support for further assistance.

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