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What To Do if You See a Message Stating That Your Email Client Can’t Verify the Identity of the Server?

When you have set up your Email Account on an email client, like Outlook, Mac Mail, or on your phone, it will attempt to connect to the server to access your emails using an SSL connection, by default.

If your emails are hosted on a shared server, you will be connecting via that shared server's SSL Certificate. Simply put, the error is due to the fact that the email client is using mail.YOURdomain.com to connect to mail.YourEmailHost.com. Hence, the resulting security error:

“email client can't verify the identity of the server”

This is a common error for Email Accounts hosted on shared servers, and is safe to ignore.


Check the Certificate First

Email Accounts that are hosted with Crazy Domains will be connected to an SSL Certificate for *.au.syrahost.com or for your domain. Check the certificate, first. If your email client is seeing a certificate other than *.au.syrahost.com or your domain name, do NOT trust it.


Ignore the Error

After confirming that your email client is seeing an SSL Certificate for *.au.syrahost.com or your domain name, you know that it is safe to ignore. Simply click "Connect", "Get Certificate", or "Show Certificate" to ignore the error and continue accessing your emails.

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