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Which Are the Blacklisted Plugins in WordPress

Crazy Domains' WordPress Hosting - our optimised solution for WordPress sites, which has great benefits compared to other hosting providers. One significant benefit is that we have invested time and manpower in researching and collating a list of banned plugins that may be detrimental to the optimized performance of your site. This article will provide you with the list of plugins that Crazy Domains actively restricts on their WordPress platform.

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Backup Plugins

Crazy Domains backs up your files and database weekly, and the system saves at least the 4 most recent backups. Moreover, you can easily restore your site, using backup files, to a previous version via the control panel.

The following plugins duplicate our existing “backup and restore” functionality. However, these plugins may cause problems for customers because they use too many resources creating archive files (tar/gzip/zip). In fact, some on the list are poorly configured plugins that create recursive backups, which result in sites exceeding their allotted storage space.

  • backup
  • ezpz-one-click-backup
  • the-codetree-backup
  • wp-db-backup
  • wp-dbmanager

Stats Plugins

These plugins may cause increased number of calls to the database and negatively impact the performance of your websites. In some cases, they prevent the system from correctly caching your site.

  • jr-referrer
  • wp-postviews
  • referrer-wp
  • statpress
  • wp-slimstat

Recommended Alternatives:

You can use any service that stores your stats off-site, which include Chartbeat (paid), Google Analytics (free), Jetpack (free), MixPanel (free), and Segment (free).

These plugins increase database load by using inefficient queries. These do not work with caching and scaling properly on the large sites.

  • contextual-related-posts
  • fuzzy-seo-booster
  • seo-alrp
  • similar-posts
  • yet-another-featured-posts-plugin
  • yet-another-related-posts-plugin

As an alternative, you can use any service that handles the relationship logic off-site such as nrelate, outbrain, or Jetpack.

Duplicate Functionality

The plugins below duplicate similar functions and store them in different parts of your WordPress hosting which decreases the stability and the performance of your website.

  • wp-phpmyadmin
  • portable-phpmyadmin
  • adminer
  • wordpress-gzip-compression


These plugins have associated security issues.

  • exec-php
  • toolspack

General Performance

These modules are faulty or inefficient, as a whole, especially on large sites.

  • broken-link-checker
  • google-xml-sitemaps-with-multisite-support

Third-Party Email Systems

All connections on the ports 25, 465 and 587 are blocked for security reasons. This means that the third-party email systems cannot be used for sending emails on the WordPress hosting.

Cache Plugins

Caching plugins duplicate our existing caching feature. In fact, our system automatically caches your WordPress site pages. Nonetheless, the system does not block caching plugins.

To summarise, plugins that are mentioned on this guide, and that are installed on your account are restricted and you can’t use them. For further assistance or any clarifications, please contact us.

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