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Why Is Responsive Design Important

There are so many ways you can design a website; but, as you may have already experienced as a website visitor yourself, some designs just don't work. If you choose a layout that only works great on desktop computers, then you can say goodbye to most of the population who spend more time with their mobile devices and laptops. Gone were the days when website design only meant designing for desktop view. Now, your website has to be equally professional and intuitive on ANY device a website visitor may choose, or you'll miss out on a whole lot of revenue.

What Is Responsive Design

Responsive Design is a technique developed to optimise a web page, with the goal of maximising ease-of-use for website visitors.

People no longer run to their desktop computers just to check out a website. I know I don't. Instead, they reach for the device closest to them - mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. This is what makes website design more challenging nowadays. These devices have different screen sizes, display options, and resolutions; even mobile phones alone differ in such specifications. Website designers now need to structure dynamic websites - with content, layout, and design - that adapt to whatever device is used. The goal is making user experience as seamless as possible - regardless of where your content is accessed.

Why Is Responsive Design Important

What's the big deal about all this? -- Impatience.

We've all been on the other end: Scrolling around to make sense of the website you accessed on your mobile phone, zooming in and out of its contents. It's just so frustrating. Why waste time on a website like that when you can so easily find other websites and save you the time and trouble, right? Exactly. If you're the website owner, this is just marketing suicide. You're going to hurt your revenue and your brand's reputation.

But, if it's this hard to build a website, then how can I get online when I'm not even a website designer or developer?

Well, YOU are why Website Builder is here.

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