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Does SEO Guarantee ROI

To answer the question - it depends.

Many marketers or website owners use SEO to make sure that their product or website is visible in search results online. Some even achieve the ultimate marketers’ dream - getting the #1 spot in Google results. But isn’t getting the #1 spot in search results is good news? Not, if you are looking into Return of Investment (ROI) for your SEO.

By getting on the #1 spot in Google results may add the spice but isn’t a guarantee of returning what you’ve invested.

Instead of focusing on getting to the top results page. In this guide, we’ll determine what are the challenges of not getting your ROI. Also, define what is SEO ROI and focus on reassessing some factors that are potential in achieving your goal.

What is SEO ROI

Return of Investment (ROI) is one thing that you want to get after investing in an SEO campaign.

It’s easy to understand. Put it this way, if you have invested $5,000 for a campaign then you want more than $5,000 in return. Simple.

But before going into that, we’ll first understand what are the possible challenges before reaching that goal.

  1. Poor content and user experience.
    The goal of our SEO is to improve the user experience for your website. This is because of Google rate user’s experience above all other factors in SEO. It impacts your SEO performance that’s why it should be a priority.
    If you are optimising your website, it’s your job to make sure that the content and your website is made for users.
  2. Your website isn’t optimised for conversion.
    Poor user experience will lead to poor conversions. Conversions refer to your new sales, new email subscriber, and even new social shares. Your website must be optimised for all three.
  3. Your website doesn’t attract enough leads.
    Organic search visitors may never come back after their visit. That is why it is important for you to have and promote your email list. Organic search visitors will not buy your product the first time they visit your website. And you should do everything to get them and add to your email list. This is a way for you to build relationships with your prospects and convert them as you go along this process..
  4. Your Product or service is inaccurate.
    At this point, SEO and more traffic won’t help you to get your ROI. If what you’re trying to sell is a bad product or service.

Once you are confident about your business or your product, you can proceed to the next step.

How to Get an ROI from SEO

It is important to estimate your ROI for a campaign. This will measure the performance of an SEO tool service that you use.

However, ROI isn’t all that predictable. Because there are a lot of factors that could change like Google’s algorithm. This day you might get to the top results but due to Google's update on SEO’s algorithm will also affect your online visibility tomorrow. No one can predict the future.

If you’ve opted for Self-Managed SEO, estimating comes handy for you. With an estimate, you can use it to guide you where you stand if you are reaching your ROI goal or not. You can even use it to improve and correct your action plans.

For Managed SEO, collaborate with our dedicated SEO Specialists in helping you project ROI for your SEO. You can expect from our SEO Specialists in implementing your SEO action plans. And will send out reports including tracking conversions for your website.

Note: If you’ve started with our SEO Tool, please visit this linked guide to compare our Simple SEO and Managed SEO.

There are many different ways to estimate your ROI using our SEO Tool. Here we use very simple and it’s usually precise.

  1. Focus on keywords.
    By choosing the right keywords for your project can have an impact on your online visibility.

    With our SEO tool, the system will do the research for you. It checks areas you can improve for your website and it also checks your target keywords against your competitor’s. Follow this linked guide to learn more about how to view and manage your health results.
  2. Focus on creating better title tags and meta-tags for your content.
    This may not have a great effect on your ROI. But if you make a good impression for your website or your product online. Can increase your click-through rates and gives big benefits for your lead and rankings.

As a conclusion, Return of Investment doesn’t only focus on getting to the #1 spot in search results. The achievement in getting ROI still depends on how you build your SEO Action Plans for a campaign. Both Self-Managed and Managed SEO must maintain keen observations with your results and where you need to improve to gain more leads and conversions. Learn more on how long will it take to make your website appear in search results in this linked guide.

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