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How do Domain Names work?

Domain Names are usually connected to a server with Web Hosting. The files located in the Web Hosting account attached to this domain will be loaded on the client computer when the domain is accessed. Also, domain names can be used for private email addresses (like depending on your Web Hosting or Email hosting service you have connected.

Domain Names can be searched through Search Engines or entered directly into any browser. Domain Names are typed and read from right to left according to the naming hierarchy.

A common domain name like consists of three main parts:

www. This is a prefix for the World Wide Web.
.mydomain. This is the domain name.
.com This is the Top Level Domain (TLD), which is also called the domain extension.

It is common to see several levels of Subdomains. If you own, you can also register Subdomain like or if you want to separate the parts of your site.

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