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How to Build a Page in Sitebeat

All Sitebeat Templates, except for the Blank Template, are professionally designed to match a specific industry. Once you've chosen the perfect Template to use for your website's purpose, you can begin building your Pages.

Each of the steps below is linked to detailed instructions, which will help you get started in building a page in Sitebeat:

  1. Customise your Sitebeat Template
  2. Customise your Menu Block
  3. Manage the Pages to show on your Menu
  4. Add in your Text Content
  5. Use Features and Blocks to Expand your Page
  6. Customise the Background or Layout of a Block

    Note: Blocks can also be moved around to easily change the flow of your Page's content. Simply hover your mouse pointer over a Block and click the Move Icon that appears on its right edge. A Duplicate Icon is also available if you wish to copy the same Layout on your Page.

  7. Resize Features and Blocks, and use Layout Features to organise your content.

Once you're done building all your Pages, you can Preview and Publish your website to the world in just a few clicks.

Congratulations! You just learned how to build a Page in Sitebeat.

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