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How to Send a Fax to a 1300 Number

Fax to Email is a service that lets you use your email address to send and receive faxes. It is a modernised and hassle-free version of your traditional fax machine — where every transaction can be instantly done online.

Sending faxes would include sending to 1300 Numbers for some.

1300 Numbers are ten-digit business numbers that people can contact, at local call rates, from any fixed line in Australia.

Sending a fax to a 1300 Number is basically the same as sending a fax using email. You will always need an authorised email address first to perform this action.

To send a fax to a 1300 Number, simply send an email to, then replace FaxNumber with the Australian code (+61) followed by the actual fax number.

For example, you want to send a fax to 1300 012 345:

  1. Add the Australian code (+61) as prefix, so it becomes 61130001245
  2. Create a new email and enter in the send-to field.
  3. Attach files, then send email.
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