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Install an SSL Certificate on Microsoft IIS 5/6

This tutorial shows you how to install an SSL Certificate on your Microsoft IIS 5/6 server.

Make sure you have created a CSR before you install your certificate.

These are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1. Boot up the IIS Manager.
Step 2. Right-click on the name of your website in the menu on the left and then click on Properties in the drop-down that appears.
  step 2
Step 3. Select the Directory Security tab. There, hit the Server Certificate button.
  step 3
Step 4. Select Process the pending request and install the certificate. Continue by clicking Next.
  step 4
Step 5. Find your SSL Certificate file and select it. Continue by clicking Next.
Step 6. Make sure you have selected the correct file be reading the summary screen. Once you have made sure, click Next.
Step 7. On the confirmation screen, double-check the information. Then click Next.
Step 8. Shut down and restart the server or your selected website.

Congratulations, you're done. Your site should now be able to make SSL/TLS-encrypted connections.

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