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Can I Create Emails with Web Design

Crazy Domains’ Web Design is a service that allows you to have powerful websites specially made to match your needs and preferences.

Web Design offers two platform options: Sitebeat and WordPress, which have different plan inclusions.

Your Sitebeat plan includes an email hosting service that allows you to create Email Accounts for your domain. You will need to access the Hosting Manager to do this.

Click the guide article below to access your Hosting Manager and create an Email Account:

Note: The number of Email Accounts you can create for your Sitebeat website will depend on the plan that you have. If you've reached the limit for your plan and you still need to create more emails, you can do an upgrade through your Account Manager.

WordPress plans, on the other hand, only have email forms which give visitors an easy way to contact you. After they submit a form, you get instant email updates in the email address you specified on your creative brief. However, no Email Hosting service is included yet with WordPress plans.

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