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How to set up Automated Reports 8 liked

You can setup scheduled reports to be sent out daily or monthly within the Web Analytics control panel under Preferences.

How to login to Web Analytics 14 liked

Follow these quick and easy steps to log in to your Web Analytics through your Account Manager.

How to export data with Web Analytics 8 liked

To get started, log in to Account Manager, select Web Analytics and click the Floppy Disk next to the category you want to export.

How to implement Web Analytics Tracking Code? 8 liked

To get started installing the web stats tracking code, check out this guide.

How to remove yourself from Web Analytics 68 liked

To ensure your Web Analytics are accurate you can exclude yourself from the statistics.

How to Transfer Ownership of Hosting/Products 44 liked

Changing the Registrant (Owner) of an account is a PERMANENT function. You will not be able to revert your changes once done.

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