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What Are Network Security Vulnerabilities 42 liked

If you ever encountered network security vulnerabilities on your site, it may be the lack of security. Use SiteLock to prevent it.

What Are the Benefits of SiteLock 36 liked

To simplify, SiteLock: protects your website, builds business, and speeds recovery.

What Is a SiteLock Security Seal 35 liked

The SiteLock Security Seal is a widely-recognised emblem you can display on your website. Learn more about it in this guide.

What Is Application Scanning 21 liked

A SiteLock Deep 360-Degree Site Scan verifies the version of applications you are running against known vulnerabilities.

How Does SiteLock Work 22 liked

SiteLock performs daily scans of your website, identifying any vulnerabilities and protecting against threats like viruses.

Which SiteLock Plan Is Right for Me 36 liked

The best SiteLock plan will depend on the type of website you manage, as well as your business requirements.

What Is the SiteLock Deep 360-Degree Scan 29 liked

The SiteLock Deep 360-Degree Site Scan delves into all files susceptible to threats, searching deeply for security issue.

What Is so Dangerous About Cross-Site Scripting 29 liked

Cross-site scripting, also known as XSS, to gain control of the content of your web pages. This guide tells you how to prevent it.

What Does SiteLock Do 15 liked

Once installed, SiteLock will scan your website regularly to look for vulnerabilities or threats. Learn more about SiteLock here.

How Does the Malware Removal Tool Work 15 liked

Curious how does the SiteLock Malware Removal Tool work? This guide will tell you how it's done.

What Is an SQL Injection? What if I Am Attacked by One 29 liked

Hackers use an SQL injection attack to attempt to access your website databases. Learn how to protect your site using SiteLock.

Why Do I Need SiteLock Website Security 22 liked

SiteLock helps you discover and deal with threats before they become an issue.

Why Do I Need to Know if a File Has Changed 15 liked

This guide will help you understand why it's crucial to know if there are any changes on your file on your website.

What Is Virus Scanning? What Do I Do if I Have a Virus 15 liked

A virus on your website is serious. Read this guide to learn on how to prevent and how to do it using SiteLock Site Scan.

What Is a 360-Degree Vulnerability Scan 15 liked

You are also notified of any vulnerabilities so that action can be taken before any weaknesses can be exploited on SiteLock.

What Do I Do if SiteLock Finds a Problem 8 liked

Log into your SiteLock dashboard to see details about how to fix issues for your website on SiteLock.

What Is Reputation Monitoring 8 liked

Learn the SiteLock's reputation monitoring scans: monitor malware blacklists, monitor email spam blacklists and scan SSL.

Can I Upgrade to a Different SiteLock Plan Later 8 liked

Yes, you can upgrade your plan for more advanced features at any time via your SiteLock dashboard.

What Does Sitelock Scan For 8 liked

The SiteLock scan will look at malware, email, SSL verification, network security and many more. Learn it here in this guide.

What Is Included in a SiteLock Plan 15 liked

There are five SiteLock plans we offer (Find, Fix, Accelerate, Prevent and SiteLock 911) that will suit to your business needs.

What Is a Website Application Firewall 15 liked

A Website Application Firewall creates a set of rules that limits access to website applications to specific, trusted sources.

What Can I Do Urgently if My Site Has Been Hacked 15 liked

SiteLock isn't just identifying malware and viruses for your site, it also offers an emergency fix when your site is hacked.

I Already Have an SSL Certificate, Why Do I Need Website Security 14 liked

An SSL Certificate encrypts data to and from your website. So, why do you need a Website Security? Read this guide to learn why.

How to Install SiteLock Site Seal 8 liked

To add the SiteLock seal on your site, a piece of Javascript code must be installed in the footer of your site template.

If SiteLock Finds an Error With My Site, How Will I Be Notified 8 liked

An alert will also be posted in the SiteLock dashboard, which you can access by logging in to your customer control panel.

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