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What to Do When Domain Name Is Not Available

If the domain name is listed as Not Available you can register an alternative domain name extension. Most domain extensions have no restrictions or trademark rules and are open for anyone to register.

You can choose an international name, try using .co, .net or .biz instead of .com. There are also hundreds of NEW domain names perfectly suited to certain markets, industries and products.

If you want a specific country domain name such as or you can search for alternatives. For example, if your company was called "Jim's Lawns" an ideal domain name would be, but if this is not available, it is also possible to add hyphens to read like or abbreviations or extend the domain name to

We also recommend placing a Backorder for a domain name as when it becomes available in the future, our system will automatically register it for you.

If you cannot decide and need assistance please contact our 24/7 Domain Specialists who can advise and help you find the right domain.

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