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What folder should I upload my Files to?

If you need to upload files to your hosting account, you will need to know the right directory to upload them to. This directory depends on whether you're using your Main Domain, an Addon Domain, or a Subdomain.

In this guide we'll show you how to determine which folder to work with.

Finding the Home Folder

A home folder, also known as the domain's document root, is the main folder that contains all of the files for either a domain or a subdomain.

Main Domain

The home folder for your Main Domain name is your public_html folder. This means when someone visits your Main Domain, the server returns files that are located in the public_html folder.


The home folder for a Subdomain is a bit different. If your Subdomain is, then the document root folder would be public_html/store.

Addon Domain

Addon Domain document roots are very similar to Subdomains. If there is an Addon Domain on your account, the main folder is also under the public_html folder. For example, if you have an Addon Domain named on your account, the document root would be public_html/

Default Home Folder

The path to the specific folder within your account also depends on whether it's for the Main Domain, an Addon Domain, or a Subdomain. This table will help you understand how they work.

Domain type URL path File structure
Main Domain public_html
Subdomain public_html/store
Addon Domain public_html/
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