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What is a CNAME Record?

A CNAME Record (Canonical Name Record) is a type of DNS Record that shows one domain as being an alias for another domain - the so-called canonical domain. For example, if you wish to redirect to, then you would direct the CNAME Record for to the A Record for Then if you ever change your IP address, you only need to change the A Record for

Note that CNAME Records must point only at a domain name, not at an IP address.

You should avoid pointing one domain with a CNAME Record at another domain name with a CNAME Record, as this is inefficient. Instead you should point both domains at the same A Record.

You should not point an MX Record at a CNAME alias.

CNAME aliases should not have other DNS Records. The only exceptions to this are certain DNSSEC Records.

Click this link to see how to update a CNAME Record for your domain name.

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