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.ai Domain Name Registration

.AI domain individuals and companies in the business of artificial intelligence

.AI is the domain of choice for companies, organisations, and professionals working with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Big businesses like Google and Amazon use a .AI domain for their AI projects. Whether you're providing IT support, computer education, or industry blogs, a .AI domain gets you found online.

.AI is also the country code top-level domain name for Anguilla. If you're doing official business with the country, .AI will make your address stand out on their local market.

A .AI domain doesn't mean you need to give up your existing .com address. Ask us how you can point your new .AI address to your existing domain.

Get a headway promotion of your tech brand online with a .AI domain name. Register yours today with Crazy Domains.

  • .AI is the perfect domain for anyone with an interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • .AI makes you a credible online source for information about AI technology.
  • .AI is the official country-code top-level domain name for Anguilla – helping you build a local presence in the island.
  • .AI helps you win organic searches in your niche – whether you're teaching AI, a tech company, or more.