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How Do I Login to My Reseller Console

The Reseller Console is where you are given access to all our domains, hosting, products, and services at a Wholesale Price. Here is a shortlist of the things you can do in the Reseller Console:

  • Setup the Retail Pricing.
  • Setup your Reseller Storefront.
  • Process your clients’ orders.
  • Manage your clients’ accounts, domains, hosting, products, and services.
  • Process deposits or adding credit to keep your Reseller account active.
  • Process withdrawals or payouts to enjoy your commission/profit.

Once you sign up as a Reseller and your new Reseller Account is approved, you will be given access to the Reseller Console. An email will be sent to you with your Reseller Console username and password. Ensure that this information is kept safe.

Logging In to the Reseller Console

Follow these two easy steps to access the Reseller Console:

  1. Using your chosen browser, navigate to the following address: http://www.secureapi.com.au/reseller
  2. Enter your Reseller Account username and password and click Log In.

Congratulations! You just accessed your Reseller Console.

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