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Why Do I Get the Security Error: This Page Contains Both Secure and Nonsecure Items?

This error means that there are elements in your SSL secured pages that are being accessed from a non SSL secured page. A typical example of this is an image that is in a non-SSL protected directory.

For example, a page that is loaded securely (via https), contains an image tag within the source code such as < img src="http://www.yyy.com/image.gif" >. In this case the image is being called absolutely using the non-secure (http) protocol and will cause this warning.

This warning can be solved by:

  1. Moving the image file to the portion of the site that is https secure, e.g., https://secure.yyy.com/image.gif

  2. Making the links relative to the root directory by adding a backslash before the file name as in the following example: < img src="/image.gif" >. This would translate to both < img src="https://www.yyy.com/image.gif" > and < img src="http://www.yyy.com/image.gif" >.

This error can also be caused by Flash code.

As an example, this line of code will cause problems when trying to view over https:


As you can see, the flash code base is being loaded from a non-secure location.

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