‘Tis the season of giving — which means it’s also the season of shopping!  

Christmas is one of the biggest holiday celebrations worldwide. Many people enjoy the festivities by spending time with their loved ones, attending parties, travelling home, going on vacation, and purchasing gifts.  In fact, people globally can spend up to 209.7 billion U.S dollars on holiday shopping. 

Businesses take this chance to gain more profit by accommodating the wave of shoppers. As more shoppers go online for convenience, it’s critical to ramp up your business’ ecommerce Christmas campaign now more than ever.  

Leverage the occasion with these effective Christmas marketing ideas to boost your eCommerce sales. 

11 Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales This Christmas  

Review and Analyse Your Previous Data  

An effective marketing strategy comes from good planning. Direct your next steps and messaging by using the data you got from your previous Christmas campaign. Then, mix it up with this year’s marketing trends. 

You can review what pages got the most visits, the devices and marketing channels that led shoppers to your website, what part of the sales funnel flopped, etc.    

Also, identify the products that sold well and focus your marketing efforts in them. Make sure to stock enough to avoid losing potential sales from interested buyers just because you ran out. Minimise the items that didn’t sell well or bundle them off with the popular products. 

Check which parts of the campaign worked well last year and what didn’t work as well. Review your inventory, sales, and procedure, and iron out all the details.   

Do a Christmas Countdown  

Stir excitement among your customers and put them in a buying state. One effective way to do it is by doing a countdown about your Christmas promo on your website, social media profiles, and emails. Through this, you can build anticipation and stay on top of their minds.  

Remind your shoppers of your upcoming holiday promos and encourage them to avoid last-minute rushes and buy now. 

11 Christmas Marketing Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Make the Most of Your Current Customer Base 

When boosting your sales, you can’t leave out upselling to your existing customers. Send them an eye-catching and personalised Christmas greeting through email. Thank your audience for their patronage throughout the year then offer them exclusive deals and inform them of your upcoming promo.  

Doing so does not only help boost your sales but strengthen your customer relationship.  

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Dress Your Site for the Occasion 

Nothing puts people more in a Christmas mood than seeing holiday-themed decorations. Update your website by integrating the colours and elements of Christmas but not too overwhelming for your visitors. You can have snow falling on your homepage or a Christmas village as a page background.  

Also, ensure that all the design updates you make look great on mobile as most shoppers are more likely to use their phones. 

If you don’t have the time and tech know-how to do it all, you can hire a website designer to do all the work for you so you can focus on your campaigns.   

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Prepare Your Site for the Surge of Online Shoppers  

You don’t want to frustrate customers and lose sales with a slow loading website. The large influx of shoppers can slow down or crash it outright, driving interested buyers to your competitors.   

Review the previous year’s traffic and estimate the amount you’ll likely deal with for this holiday season. Then improve your site’s traffic capacity by getting a reliable and fast web hosting solution. 

Offer Free Shipping and Returns 

It’s the season of giving, so it only makes sense to indulge your customers with a generous gesture. Offer free shipping and returns exclusive for the holidays. 

With the popularity of online shopping, most are likely going to order gifts for their loved one from different sources. Customers want to get the most out of their money’s worth and to reduce inconveniences, so there’s a high chance they’ll order in shops that offer free shipping and returns. 

Ease your customers’ holiday worries. Try to offer exchanges before you offer refunds.  

Release a Seasonal Product  

People love new and unique gifts for their loved ones. Use that to your advantage and release a limited-edition seasonal product for the holidays.   

A seasonal product triggers a sense of urgency in your customers, encouraging them to buy as soon as possible. Making it a yearly tradition also creates anticipation in your shoppers, giving them something to look forward to from your business.  

If you lack time to create a new product, check your inventory and market low-stock items as a limited-offer product. Meanwhile, you can use products with high inventory as giveaways or bundle deals.  

Launch Social Media Contests and Giveaways 

Majority of your audience are on social media. As of 2022, people spend an average of 147 minutes daily on social media 

Hype up your customers’ holiday excitement by setting up a Christmas social media contest. Doing so lets you reach more customers promoting your brand and products to a wider audience.  

The key is to provide attractive prizes. You can create a package or a bundle of your products and add an enticing item. For example, a beauty care business can give away an all-in-one facial care package and a discount voucher. Then, you can arrange mechanics that require joiners to follow you on social media and feature you on their profiles. 

11 Christmas Marketing Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales







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Optimise your Products with Christmas-related Keywords  

Just like you, many businesses are gearing up their SEO this Christmastime. Improve your visibility online and show up first on search engine results by optimising Christmas-related keywords.   

Don’t have time to do your SEO for the holidays? Get professionals to do all the work for you – from planning to ensuring you top the search results.  

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Create Gift Bundles and Guides  

Customers are busy looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Ease your customer’s worries by marketing your products as something they can gift to their families, friends, and partners.   

Create a gift guide and showcase why your product is the perfect gift in this season of giving. Suggest bundles that go perfectly together as presents.  

Gear up Your Customer Service   

The holidays generate an increase in orders. Organise your team for the influx of callers. Ensure that your customer service specialists are ready to listen to your client’s concerns and that all your help channels are up and running.   

Create a standard procedure to keep things running smoothly. Resolving complaints and requests fast instills trust in your customers. It also increases the chance that they may become repeat buyers.  

Make Christmas a Jolly Season for Your Business  

The holidays can be very busy especially for your ecommerce business, but it also presents an opportunity to double your profit and grow your customer base. That’s why you need all hands on deck and every marketing trick to make the most of it.  

Get started with these insightful tips and make this Christmas marketing campaign your bran’s best ever yet.