Embarking on the journey of establishing your brand’s online presence can be met with uncertainty. Moments of doubt may arise, accompanied by questions about where and how to begin. You might even contemplate abandoning the idea altogether. However, with the guidance of experts, you can transform your aspirations into an indelible online domain. 

Whether you’re launching your business or expanding its horizons, the involvement of seasoned professionals can significantly contribute to your peace of mind and your bottom line.  

Crazy Domains stands ready to elevate your dreams. Our meticulously tailored packages are designed to materialise your #DreamsIntoDomains, because we firmly believe that no business idea or website concept is beyond our capabilities. To further facilitate your journey, we are pleased to extend exclusive discounts and benefits to propel your online endeavours. 

What’s the Campaign All About? 

Presenting the “Where Dreams Become Reality” campaign, driven by this one goal: to empower small businesses, solopreneurs, and enterprises of all sizes to manifest their dreams in the online sphere. 

While the process of securing a domain might initially appear daunting, Crazy Domains team streamlines the process. You can now register your New Zealand business domains — .NZ and .CO.NZ — starting from just $17 on the first year with a minimum 2-year registration. The journey of taking your dream online has never been as seamless and cost-effective. 

Additional Offers, Just for You! 

We’re thrilled to unveil three (yes, three!) concurrent promotions spanning from August to November 2023 

Our first promo, valid from August 30th to September 18th, presents an opportunity to save up to 40% on web hosting, website builder tools, and web design functionalities. Additionally, two forthcoming promos (September to November) will feature further enticing discounts. Stay tuned for the impending exciting offers that await! 

Crazy Domains: Your One-Stop Solution for Turning Website Dreams into Reality 

The journey of bringing your website into the online realm doesn’t have to be an arduous one. With Crazy Domains as your steadfast partner in turning dreams into domains, you can: 

  • Receive assistance in selecting the perfect domain name: A domain name should be succinct, memorable, and tailored to your identity. Allow us to aid you in choosing a domain name that leaves an impression. 
  • Secure your unique website address: The significance of this step is clear. Getting your website address signifies a heightened level of responsibility and professionalism on the global stage. 
  • Access a comprehensive package of benefits: Our domain offerings are bundled with an array of advantages and bargains, including a complimentary one-year website domain registration with any one-year website hosting plan. No concealed fees to worry about! 
  • Experience unparalleled website performance: Our domains are renowned for delivering a remarkable 300% enhancement in website speed without compromising on reliability and security — a true convergence of excellence. 
  • Enjoy boundless visibility: A domain opens the door to seamless connections with both prospective and existing clients, anytime and anywhere. 
  • Ensure foolproof security: Elevate your safeguards by investing in our industry-standard SSL certificate, guaranteeing the encryption and security of your customers’ sensitive data. 

In essence, Crazy Domains simplifies the process of setting up your online business through our array of services, from domains to hosting solutions, to user-friendly website builder, to online marketing tools, and much more! 

It’s the Perfect Time to Turn Your Dreams into Reality! 

Don’t limit your business to offline visibility. Every business, big or small, deserves a global audience to recognise its products and unlock their full potential. 

Tell your story, strengthen your brand, and let us handle the technical work for you. Enjoy the growth and momentum as you step into the digital world. With 15 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of brands go online. 

Every business starts with a dream, and our purpose is to actualise your #DreamsIntoDomains and #DreamsIntoReality. If you’re still uncertain about the initial steps, don’t hesitate to consult a dedicated Crazy Domains expert today!