Most businesses are already transitioning online. More freelancers are trying their luck online. This means it’s becoming hard to register domain names. And without a professional website, it’s hard for clients to trust you. 

Gone are the days when you could only choose from either .com, .net, or .org. Today, you have a lot of options available, and one that’s most relevant for designers like you is .design. 

“Isn’t it expensive to personalise a domain name?” 

For under $100 per year, you can have your own personalised domain name. There are a lot of websites that offer free domain names, but it isn’t completely yours. You’re only getting a subdomain of their own domain name. 

Having a personalised domain name leaves the impression that you’re a pro in your field of design.

Don’t believe us? Just check out, monicabaran.designThis design agency and freelance artist duo have created stunning websites with .design that could attract any client pronto.  

5 Reasons .design Domain Will Boost Your Online Presence 

It’s SEO-friendly 

It's SEO-friendly

Who doesn’t want to be on Google’s first page? But to do that, you have to use the right SEO keywords

Using a relevant keyword, your .design domain name will give you a high chance to rank on search engines.  

Example: A prospect is looking for website designers in Sydney. If your domain name is, Google is more likely to suggest your website. 

This increases your brand visibility and drives more clicks to your website. 

It’s good for your branding 

It’s good for your branding

Your work is your business, and like any other business, you want to be number one. Positioning yourself in the online world is a bit tricky with the sea of competition.  

But with a .design domain name, people will instantly know what you do by looking at your website URL, filtering your prospects in the process

It also saves your audience time. No more scouring the internet for hours on end for a reliable designer. A .design domain can help your clients recognise you specialise in one particular niche.  The power of .design!  

It shows more credibility 

It shows more credibility

One thing your prospects would like to know first is if you’re a legit professional or agency. With so many online shams going on, it’s wise to invest in a .design domain name.  


Because it shows that you planned all the details of your website, including your domain name. Your potential clients would then assume your work will be as organised and well-planned too. 

It helps you stand out 

It helps you stand out_

Did you know that .com has over 250 million registrations? A unique domain name, one with a .design TLD, will definitely stand out.  

A .design domain name can help both young and experienced designers to distinguish themselves in their own niche 

One famous design company, Tony Osborne Architect and Design named his website, Can you imagine if he named it No one would take it seriously and it would be hard to identify what they do.  

This trend is becoming more popular, so make sure you register your desired domain name ASAP. 

It boosts your online presence 

It boosts your online presence

A .design domain name is not common compared to .com and .net. Also, most .com names aren’t available anymore since people have been using .com and .net since 1995. Let your prospects remember you by choosing a unique website address with a .design domain. 

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Be Bold, Choose .Design  

Your work is your masterpiece, and like every masterpiece, the world should be able to see it. If you believe you deserve the exposure and recognition, choose .design and stand out among all the .com domain names on the Internet.