The pandemic has triggered some unique trends around the world. More and more organisations are embracing the concept of working from home. While those workers affected by costcutting are turning to start their own home business.

Just by leveraging online resources the right way, you too can turn a skill or a side hustle into a thriving business. Here are seven ways to help you get started:

How to Leverage the Internet for Your Home Business Growth

Zero in on your business model

The first thing to do when launching a business is to have a clear idea of what you’re selling. Is it a service, product, solution, or your own personal brand?

Review the competitors in your niche, and decide how you can add more value with your offering. Make sure you have the requisite skill, inventory and network to deliver what you promise. You may not have all the answers instantly, but having some sort of blueprint is a great start.

Come uwith a catchy name 

Come Up With A Catchy Name

Naming your business is an important part of branding. It should be unique, memorable and easily searchable online.

Design a catchy logo that communicates your brand voice. Next, come up with a catchy tagline and hashtagA unique yet relevant hashtag can help you curate and easily search for all content that is connected to your brand. 

Register your domain name 

Register your domain

Claim your online space. Make sure to register your domain name – your online business address.

Registering your domain name is the most basic step when building your online presence. It’s the base for your website and email.

It’s advisable to do it as soon as you arrive at a name for your business, as domain names get snatched up quickly. The domain can have some quirky placeholder content until your website content is ready.

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Launch your website

Launch Your Website

Having your own website lets your consumers know about you and your business. It’s a definitive step towards building credibility and trust.

Building your website can be a creative journey, but it’s ideal to keep it simple, responsive, and user-friendly. This will help visitors easily navigate your web pages, engage with your website longer, and take actions you want them to take.

Above all, the look and feel of your website should complement your branding.

Also, prepare a well-planned website content. Create an outline for the basic content that needs to be on the website, such as your founder’s story, products and services, contact information, etc.

While creating your content, make sure you use keywords that align with what users are searching for online.

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Get a branded email address

Having branded email addresses increases customer trust and raises brand awareness.

If you’re not getting a website yet but planning to sell on online shopping platforms like Lazada, Shopee, or Amazon, a branded email address shows brand credibility. It’s professional, giving your customers an impression that you’re serious about your business.

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Build a social media strategy 

Design A Social Media Strategy

Build your brand on social media platforms that best fit your brand voice and offers. This streamlines your effort and lets you focus on those platforms that will most likely connect you with potential consumers.

Make sure the business information on your social media platforms is complete, up-to-date, and will enable potential consumers to easily reach you. Having a holistic strategy in place helps you create the right vibe and energy for your brand.

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Build an SEO strategy


Build An SEO Strategy

Having a comprehensive and ethical SEO strategy will help you grow the reach of your brand in no time.

You can either find a savvy SEO partner or leverage the various free tools available and self-teach yourself in the latest SEO trends. This is one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle when launching a new business online, boosting your online visibility.

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Thrive on your online home business

Building a business takes time, energy, creativity, and persistence. It’s not only a way to build financial independence, but also a way to grow your identity as an entrepreneur, thinker, creator, and contributor to the economy. So, take extra steps every day to grow, and that begins by maximising online resources, especially in this new normal.

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