Online shopping is taking the world by storm, putting ecommerce on the spotlight. In fact, its share in all of retail sales increased from 16 to 19 percent in 2020. And with the pandemic changing the customer landscape forever, the number is only set to rise in the coming years. 

The numbers are promising, right? If it’s not the case for your ecommerce, you might want to go back to its foundation – your website and IT infrastructure. This is because website usability matters a lot to 60 percent of online shoppers 

It’s not just about building your ecommerce website and then you’re good to go. You need to ensure that your applications are performing at their best to deliver great user experience. As a result, you gain customers’ trust leading them into knowing more about your product/service — and eventually buying them. 

Now, there’s one important thing left you should do. You need to improve your IT infrastructure. 

Learn more below on how you can maximise your ecommerce ROI by leveraging quality servers and fast and robust networks. 

Why make IT infrastructure and monitoring a priority?

How your ecommerce website performs depend on your IT infrastructure. 

Unfortunately, most IT departments nowadays focus more on responding to problems as they arise rather than proactively preventing them from occurring again. They mostly fail to address the root cause of performance issues. 

By giving quality IT infrastructure and monitoring importance, you are giving your ecommerce optimal performance and business continuity. Moreover, it allows you to identify any discrepancies and vulnerabilities within your system and address them head-on.

4 Ways to Maximise ROI Out of Your Ecommerce Site

Make sure your website performs at its best

Make sure your website performs at its best

Customers abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s because they want immediate answers to their search queries.  

Website speed makes the first impression about your business. Now, you don’t want to have a first bad impression, right? 

Make sure your ecommerce website loads fast and that can easily view your products and smoothly navigate across your different pages. Giving them a great buying experience increases your chance of moving them up the sales funnel. 

It also pays to monitor user activity. This lets you track bounce rates, the number of inquiries sent via forms and chatbots, and customer conversion rates. You can use this data to know what to improve on your website. 

Leverage IT monitoring services

Critical situations occur at any time, whether you like it or not. That’s why investing in a reliable IT monitoring service for your ecommerce website should be your priority.  

Having efficient monitoring services let you fix issues quickly without minimising website and IT system downtimes. 

Choose servers that can cater to high traffic

When your website receives thousands of visitors every day, you should make sure that your servers and underlying infrastructure is ready for it. If not, you’ll be dealing with a slow website and frustrated customers. 

Downtimes and delays can cost you your visitors, undermines your reputation, and drives customers to your competition. 

Most ecommerce websites turn to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) because it can handle huge traffic and full-level access. You can also opt for high-performance Dedicated Servers with maximum performance and scalability. 

VPS Hosting

Scale up your website on demand

Scale up your website on demand

If youre dealing with traffic spikes from time to time, especially during holidays and festive seasons, you definitely need an IT infrastructure with high scalability. It should enable you to still run a fast and high performing website despite a sudden surge in visits. Choose quality and reliable IT infrastructure for Hosting or Server Management so you are able to scale your website up whenever there is a need for it. 

Leverage reliable IT monitoring to grow your ecommerce revenue

Selling your products and services online has a lot more to it than just setting up an eCommerce website. Who knew robust and reliable IT infrastructures can gain you a competitive edge that drives competitive gains.

Maximise your ROI by making sure your website, servers, and infrastructures are up-to-date and support critical situations.