Competition is everywhere. It can be very tough to rise on top and keep your position in the market. 

So, when an opportunity to beat competitors to the top arises, you grab it. 

Start strong with a .NZ domain. 

As a business catering to the New Zealand locale, a .NZ domain will help you stand out in the Kiwi market. Here‘s how. 

Beat Your Competitors with a .NZ Domain 

Strengthen your brand as a Kiwi business 

New Zealand local businesses

Kiwis prefer a local supplier or service for faster customer assistance and easier communication.  

Get on their good side with a .NZ domain. 

When you put .NZ at the end of your domain name, you tell your audience you’re a Kiwi business – and proud to be one. You seal your dedication to the Kiwi market.  

Besides, websites ending in .NZ are the most trusted in New Zealand. There’s no better way to earn the Kiwi’s trust and loyalty online. 

Rule the Kiwi search results 

Using a country-code top level domain (ccTLD), like .NZ, automatically sets your website for geo-targeting. It signals search engines that you cater to New Zealand, marking you as relevant in your locale. 

This gives you an advantage in local search results. 

For example, when users in New Zealand search for “dental services”, you appear higher in search results compared to websites using a generic TLD. 

Aside from search engines, Kiwis themselves prefer the .NZ domain. Around 62% of them filter search results to choose .NZ sites. 

Putting yourself on top of search results is crucial, considering that more than 50% of local searches result in a store visit. 

Spend less on ads 

Google Ads

Familiar with the practice of geo-targeting?  

In geo-targeting, marketers deliver their ads or content to an audience in a specific geographical location. This is essential in the practice of local advertising. 

When you get a .NZ domain, you don’t have to geo-target your ads to the New Zealand locale. As mentioned in Number 2, your website becomes automatically geo-targeted to the country. 

With that convenience, you get to save on ad costs and use these savings for other marketing activities. 

Get your desired domain name before they do 

You’re not the only one eyeing the domain name you want. Your competitors are, too. 

Whether it’s your first time to register a domain or not, purchase it as soon as you can. If you have an existing domain, get the .NZ equivalent. 

Don’t wait for your competitors to beat you to it. You don’t want to lose a chunk of potential website traffic – or spend huge on legal battles. Prevention is better than cure! 

Get on top with a .NZ domain 

In a competitive space, you’ll do all it takes to stand out. 

Maximise every opportunity you get to climb – and stay – on top. Slay the competition with a .NZ domain. Register yours today!