To combat the spread of the COVID-19, most people right now are staying at home and relying on digital tools to manage their day-to-day activities. 

Use this opportunity to conduct your business online. 

Tap into your customers’ needs right now. Set your business as an online solution which they can access from the comfort of their homes. Then you can keep both your staff and customers safe. 

Keep your customer base and maintain your operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic through these online alternatives. 

5 Ways to Transition Your Business Model Online 

Offer cashless payment methods 

Cashless payment methods

With personal contact being restricted, your customers would prefer businesses that offer cashless payment methods. 

Cater to this need. Partner with online payment technologies and apps in Australia, such as Samsung PayApple Pay, and Zip Pay. 

Encourage confidence in your customers. Give them safer, cashless payment options to minimise the spread of coronavirus. 

Do contactless delivery 

Contactless delivery

Another way to limit person-to-person contact is contactless delivery 

If you manage a restaurantflower shop, grocery storeor anything of the sort, consider providing pickup and delivery options. Create an online portal where your customers can place their orders and track them.  

You may also opt to partner with delivery or courier services to bring your products to your customers’ doorsteps. 

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Bring consultations online 

Online consultations

No need to cancel scheduled appointments and disappoint your clients. Keep your consultancy business functional in spite of COVID-19 by doing your life coaching, financial advising, legal consulting, and the like virtually. 

There are lots of video conferencing and live stream tools to conduct one-on-one or group sessions, like Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more. These let you communicate with your clients from your respective homes. 

Choose from free tools that fit your budget or look for paid online tools that offer all-in-one solutions, like booking appointments and payment portals. 

Make sure to keep your clients informed of this change through email or other communication platforms. 

Conduct online classes and resources 

Online classes

Stay connected with your clients from the comfort of their homes through online classes and courses. This doesn’t only keep your business afloat, but also strengthens your customer relationships. 

Create a series of online resources, written or video, that are valuable to your customers. Include how-to guides and techniques featuring your products and services. 

You may also deliver online classes by using a tool like Adobe Connect, which lets you teach in a virtual interactive classroom. Take advantage of their features like simulations, polls, quizzes, etc. 

Arrange virtual events 

Virtual events

You may have upcoming events affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.  

If you can, do them online, especially if they can help encourage customer engagement. 

Consider doing webinars or live video conferences. Schedule them at later dates so you have more time to come up with an execution plan. Make sure to keep your participants on the loop through email or social media. 

Be inspired by how Microsoft smoothly converted their annual Microsoft Build developer conference into a digital event experience. 

Go, get online 

Transitioning your business model online pays off a LOT – especially during this unprecedented time. Keep your business alive and thriving without risking anyone’s safety. 

Furthermore, going online lets you expand your business opportunities and reach a bigger cluster of your target audience. 

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