Small businesses are a huge part of New Zealand’s economy. To paint a clearer picture, small businesses with less than 20 employees comprise 97% of enterprises in the country. They also contribute 26% to their gross domestic product. 

Imagine the feeling of pride in contributing that much to your community.  

Why not express that online with a locally branded domain? 

Start with .NZ. It’s the official country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) of New Zealand, joining the likes of .AU for Australia and .SG for Singapore.  

Why should your business have a .NZ domain 

While commonly used domains like .COM and .NET may be enough for your website, a local domain provides many distinct benefits. 

What a .NZ Domain Can Do for Your Business  

It helps you dominate local search results  

Local search

When promoting your business, ranking in local search is the way to go. That’s because 82% of mobile consumers searches for a business through local search.   

And what’s one way to shoot up your search rankings in New Zealand? You guessed it – a .NZ domain. 

Search engines prioritise domains ending with .NZ when displaying NZ-centric search results. This also goes for Kiwi users – 62% of them filter search results to look only for .NZ sites. 

Having a .NZ domain makes you more relevant in the region, improving your local search rankings and increasing your website’s visibility.  

It boosts customer trust  

Customer trust

Kiwis consider .NZ the most trustworthy and secure domain. In fact, 68% of them look for a .NZ domain when searching for something online. 

With a .NZ domain, you embody your identity as a Kiwi business. In return, you attract fellow Kiwis to do business with you. 

A MYOB Consumer Insights survey shows that 54% of Kiwi consumers purchase products or services from Kiwi small businesses. 

Shopping locally isn’t just for the sake of convenience for consumers. They also believe it’s important to support the community and the country’s economy.  

It makes it easier to get your desired domain name 

Common domain extensions .com .net .org .info

As of September 2019, there were 711,945 domains registered under .NZ. That’s a small number compared to 10 million new domain registrations for .COM and .NET on the same quarter! 

Considering the high demand for .COM and .NET, it may be hard for you to get your desired domain name with those extensions. 

Using .NZ increases your chances.  

It improves brand recognition  

Brand recognition

With all the information overload in the digital space, it’s getting more challenging to stand out. Make it easier for people to remember you with a .NZ domain. 

How does it work? 

Say you’re running a New Zealand-based tourism agency. may be a hassle to type – and remember – for your Kiwi audience. Instead, go for a shorter, more memorable domain like    

Show off your Kiwi pride with .NZ   

A .NZ domain doesn’t just offer you higher online traffic, better customer relationships, and a more reputable brand. It also establishes a more personal connection between your business and your fellow Kiwis.  

Ready to reach the greater Kiwi community online? Register your .NZ domain today!