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What Happens If I Don't Renew My Web Design

Web Design does not need to be renewed. It is a one-time payment service which is completed as soon as your final website is published live. But, take note that the hosted platform included in your Web Design plan will have to be consistently renewed, so you don’t lose your professionally designed website.

If you recall your initial checkout process, your chosen Web Design plan required that you purchase 1-3 years of Sitebeat or WordPress hosting, plus an optional registration of a new domain. What you paid for were separate services:

the main fee for the Design Service + the Hosting fee per month (+ the annual Domain fee if you registered a new one)

Your Hosting and Domain services will expire depending on the duration you have set during your first registration. If these services are not renewed, you will lose your website.

Read the guides below to learn more about renewing our domains and services:

We also strongly suggest that you enable Auto Renewal for all your domains and services so you don’t risk losing your website or causing your website any downtime. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any concerns and clarifications.

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