Having an awesome website is one thing, choosing the perfect domain name is another. What else do you need to strengthen your online presence 

The quick answer: getting multiple domain names. Owning a domain name that ends in .com is good. Owning a country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) like .co.nz aside from .com is even better.  


5 Reasons You Need a ccTLD On Top of a .com Domain 

It protects your brand identity  

It protects your brand identity_

Your domain name represents your brand. It’s how people will remember you. Make sure it’s yours alone.  

With so many businesses around the world, it’s easy to have the same brand name with a business that’s halfway across the globe. While you got the .com domain, they might register its country-code domain and drive traffic that’s supposed to be yours.  

One good example is nyswinterclass.com, which was a classic fishing tournament website for New YorkersNow here comes a company in China that wants to register nyswinterclassic.com.cn and nyswinterclass.com.asia. Imagine how many fishing participants can end up lost in a completely different Chinese website.  

Protect your brand from copycats that don’t only snatch away site traffic but also potential customers.   

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It’s a good investment  

It’s a good investment

It’s safe to say that not one person wants to get sued. Not only does it cost a whole heap of money but also a lot of time 

In facteToys.com, a US-based online toy story sued eToy.com, a small artist site operated by European artists. Although the two websites were in two different industries, eToys.com filed a trademark infringement case against eToy.com. 

In the end, eToy.com emerged victorious from the lawsuit, which cost eToys.com a hefty amount of $40,000 (around $63,000 in today’s money) in legal fees 

It sets you as both a global and local player 

It sets you as both a global and local player_

Owning a domain name that ends in .co.nz helps you establish your business within the local community.  

But if you’re planning to be a global player in the future, it’s smart to also purchase a .com domain. This way, you also get to cater to potential customers outside your community 

It’s perfect for SEO 

It’s perfect for SEO_

Using ccTLDs is one of the most powerful ways to rank a domain in a particular country.  

For example: If you have two websites that are exactly alike with one website ending in .com and the other in .co.nz, the domain name with the ccTLD is likely to rank better in New Zealand.  

Why is that? It’s because Google presumes all content within that website caters specifically to the localsRank better in New Zealand with.co.nz domain. 

It boosts your popularity and customer trust 

It boosts your popularity and customer trust_

The .com is the most popular TLD because it’s very easy to remember.  If your customer remembers your business name but doesn’t know your TLD, they’d instantly assume it ends with a .com   

On the other hand, ccTLDs such as .co.nz makes you popular among the locals because they’re more likely to trust and support businesses within their own community. 

When you combine .com with .co.nz, you’re providing your potential customers the convenience and peace of mind that you’re a legitimate business. It’s the perfect combination. 

Direct multiple domains to a single website  

If I had both a .com and a ccTLD domain name, does this mean I also need two websites? 

The answer is no. You’ll only need to do domain forwarding. This works by redirecting the visitor accessing your local domain name to your website with the .com domain—or vice versa.  

Watch your business grow when you equip your business with multiple domain namesSecure a .com and a .co.nz domain today 

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