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Last updated July 04, 2024

Terms of Service


21.25 .uk Specific terms

The following clause (21.25) applies specifically to .uk domain names.

21.25.1 .uk Domain name license registration

All .uk license applications are subject to the relevant polices and requirements Nominet and based on your agreement to such documents. By applying for registration of a .uk domain name license you agree to enter a separate contract with Nominet.

Primary policies of note with relation to .uk registration:

You warrant to us that you have accepted the terms, policies and agreements provided by Nominet.

You release us of any claim that may arise from actions undertaken by us or the registry operator in accordance with the published policy.

Dreamscape Networks International Pte Ltd is the registrar for .uk domain names. Dreamscape Networks International Pte Ltd is a reseller of Dreamscape Networks International Pte Ltd in this respect. The actions of Dreamscape Networks International Pte Ltd are independently run beyond our control.

This document contains the terms and conditions that apply between you, us and the services provided by the registrar.

21.25.2 .uk Domain name license registrar transfer

Registrar transfer of a .uk domain name license are subject to the following:

  • You may not effect a registrar transfer within 60 days of license registration
  • You may not effect a registrar transfer within 60 days of previous registrar transfer
  • The published policies as provided by the Nominet

Registrar transfer for .uk domain name licenses requires changing the registrar tag of the domain name. You must allow 5 days for this process to take place. We may charge a manual tag change fee of 10 GBP.

We reserve the right to place a 'lock' on the domain name license which may result in denial of registrar transfer. We must receive a request from the registrant or authorised party (subject to satisfactory identification requirements) to unlock the domain name license.

21.25.3 .uk Domain name license renewal

You may renew your .uk domain name license in accordance with these terms and those of the Nominet.

You are solely responsible for renewing your domain name license. If you fail to do so prior to the end of previous license term your domain may become available for registration by third parties. You release us from any potential claim arising from your failure to renew a domain name license.

We will issue renewal reminder notices via the registered email address at intervals of 90, 60, 30, 15 , 10, 5, 3 and 2 days before the scheduled expiry. It is your sole responsibility to ensure your electronic contact method is correct, active and fully functional.

You are not obliged to renew your domain name license, nor pay any fees associated, unless you choose to do so.

If you choose to renew your domain name license you shall:

  • Agree to any fees required as directed.
  • Agree to the latest service agreement as well as any related policies or requirements listed by the relevant registry operator.
  • Indicate the period for renewal from the available renewal periods as specified by us.

A renewal is only successful if:

  • The renewal fee has been paid and honoured.
  • Your renewal complies with the services agreement, policies and requirements of us and the relevant registry operator.
  • The relevant registry operator approves the renewal request.
  • We have notified you in writing that your application for renewal has been approved.

The period of your renewed domain name license is taken to commence from the date of expiry of your previous license.

If your domain name license is not renewed prior to its expiry date, all services connected to that domain name license will cease full functionality. After expiry you will have up to 30 days in which you can renew the domain name and re-activate any services attached to it. After 30 days, the domain name license will be suspended and will enter a 60 day grace period called the Redemption Period. You may file for a Redemption of your domain name for $140 USD. This will renew and reactivate the domain name with the registry. Redemption must be filed at least 7 days ahead of the redemption period conclusion date.

21.25.4 .uk Domain name license Automatic Renewal Service Agreement

Your purchase includes an opt-in enrolment in our automatic renewal service. This keeps your domain name active by automatically charging the then-current renewal fees to your payment method on file just before they're set to expire, with no further action on your part. We will issue notification 9 days prior to auto renewal date to the email address on file advising of the impending auto-renewal and its respective conditions and terms. You may cancel this service at any time by turning off the auto-renewal feature in your Account Manager. Click 'Setup Auto Renewal' and remove your domain name, product or service from the list. You may also receive a notice to the email address on file ahead of auto renewal processing. Any cancellations of auto renewal must be actioned 1 calendar day ahead of auto renewal date. By opting in, or not opting out of auto renewal, you agree to be bound by all applicable terms, conditions, policies and procedures which apply to product renewed as they are published within this document.